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What is Mystery Shopping Research?
Mystery shopping means that a mystery shopper, also known as a mystery guest, appears at your outlet to interact with your business as a normal, everyday customer. Using agreed scripts and evaluation sheets the  mystery shopper will report on the experience.

These reports combine quantitative and qualitative information, enabling us to give recommendations for further improvement. Against objective standards we will analyse, measure and describe the performance with regard to, for instance, customer handling, facilities and staff commercial skills.

MKH Mystery Shopping provides its services to a wide range of environments, such as retail trade, financial institutions, libraries, show rooms (automotive, sanitary fittings/bathroom, kitchen, DIY stores), wholesale trade, health care centres, estate agents, temp agencies and local authorities. We draw up a report of the findings of our survey, and present clear conclusions, practical advice and, if required, further analysis. It is possible to further extend either the mystery shopping survey or the report. To us, flexibility is a key issue.

Apart from Mystery Shopping and Mystery Guest we offer the following services:

Telephone Mystery Shopping
Survey of the quality level of the handling of incoming and/or outgoing customer calls. Our mystery callers act as (prospective) clients and evaluate among other things telephone skills, problem solving skills and selling skills.

Email Mystery Shopping
Email is a rapidly growing means of written communication, which customers make ample use of. Questions, orders, enquiries and complaints are sent through email. To what extent does staff handling meet customer satisfaction? How quickly do email enquirers get a response? Do you live up to your promises?

Business-to-Business Mystery Shopping
Mystery Shopping for those companies wishing to evaluate business-to-business enquiry or selling situations. For instance, as a manufacturer wanting to establish a profitable working relationship with your retailer. Does the retailer or distributor share and conform to your standards? Do they stick to their promises? What is their service quality level?
Mystery Monitoring
We developed our Mystery Monitoring service to meet various clients' needs for an ongoing insight into their customers' service experience. It works as follows. Jointly, with you, we decide upon the aspects of service that want monitoring. Then we will provide a continuous, valid survey, visiting your outlets at random times and in various situations. Our easy to use online reporting system will allow you to create your own intuitive, flexible and powerful dashboard reports. This way, our Mystery Monitoring service provides you with continuous input and the opportunity to swiftly undertake action if necessary.

Mystery Shopper Website Analysis
Communication through the internet is important. But do you know how accessible your website is? What is the quality level of your email handling? We will provide an evaluation and practical guidelines for improvement.

To introduce our survey methods to you we offer companies considering engaging in our mystery shopping or mystery guest programme, a sample, free of any obligation. Two of our mystery shoppers or mystery guests will visit your outlet and monitor any aspect of service of your own choice.

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