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MKH Mystery shoppers

MKH Mystery Shoppers enjoys an excellent reputation in Mystery Shopping and Customer Satisfaction Research, based on years of experience in the Benelux and excellent references. Mystery shopping and mystery guest are in the directors' genes and we try to convey our love of the business to our employees and mystery shoppers. Direct lines of communication and personal commitment are characteristic of MKH Mystery Shoppers' service level.

Since 2001 MKH Mystery Shoppers has been conducting mystery shopping in various branches and sectors. Our agency has a team of over 4000  mystery shoppers spread throughout the Netherlands. Our mystery shoppers have been carefully selected, are instructed and coached individually and are sworn to secrecy.

We monitor your company from an academic, psychological as well as an advisory point of view, focusing on how to improve customer experience. Our survey methods are constantly evaluated and further enhanced due to our close ties with Erasmus University Rotterdam.

We will provide a full analysis of our survey with conclusions and recommendations for customer experience improvement. In addition, we offer various customer experience improvement programmes like coaching, training or consultancy sessions, events and competitions. Involving third-party support is also an option.

96% of all dissatisfied customers of relatively low-priced goods don't tell their supplier about their dissatisfaction, however, 63% will never buy again
45% of customers who experience a problem with a relatively low cost service, don't complain. 45% of those, however, will never come back
27% of buyers of expensive products will not complain when dissatisfied, but 41% will not come back
37% of dissatisfied customers of expensive services do not complain, however, 50% will not come back


Personal interest and involvement towards our clients.

bullet A flexible and comprehensive survey programme.

bullet Customised programmes, tailored to your exact needs.

bullet High quality of methodology and within the team.

bullet Short lines of communication; direct communication.

bullet Professional support.

bullet Reliability and knowhow.

bullet Distinctiveness throughout the whole process.
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